Connectivism and 1st Graders: Trent Jones

16 Oct

I have what I believe is a funny story for the rest of you Instructional Designers out there.  While working on my homework tonight, my nosey 1st grade daughter, who loves to read anything and everything, wondered through the living room, looking at all the papers and books I had spread across our couch.  After staring a few minutes she asked, “Daddy, what is Connectivism?”  So I explained, in 1st grade terms what I thought Connectivism was.  She said she read on one of the papers that Connectivism included utilizing knowledge that surrounds a learner and/or sharing knowledge with others within a group (or something of the sort).  After giving me a puzzling face for a few seconds she said, “Huh, sounds more like Cheaterism to me!”  She always finds a way to make me laugh:)


One Response to “Connectivism and 1st Graders: Trent Jones”

  1. Miriam October 17, 2012 at 2:24 am #

    Oh, too funny! I wonder what Downes and Siemens would say to that?! :o)

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