Trent Jones: PLE Content Exploration

1 Oct

Prior to IT 570, I did not fully understand or grasp the concept of an PLE.  However, after further evaluation, I believe a PLE would be an excellent tool for Extension agents to utilize in their county programs.  They would be especially handy for 4-H agents to utilize for teachers wanting to find out how their standards line up with our programming, and those who want more information about 4-H and the lessons we deliver each month in their classrooms.  I found several great websites when I searched for Personal learning environment and How to create a personal learning environment.  All of them gave me some great explanations of PLE’s and how to create and best utilize them appropriately.  I found especially helpful as it was a short, easy to read 7 step guide to Personal Learning Environments.  I was still struggling with the concept of “push” or “pulled” content, but the links I found helped explain several techniques more clearly for me. 

Personal learning environment

How to create a personal learning environment.

WordPress applications for K-12 Education &/or 4-H Programs

Techniques for “pushing” and “pulling” content

Tips on how to use WordPress to filter/categorize content feeds


One Response to “Trent Jones: PLE Content Exploration”

  1. maharnes October 2, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    I believe you were the one in ag extension right? You had some really great idea’s last week about using the things we have been talking about in IT 570 in ag extension. I also visited some of the sites you have listed above and found them really helpful. I find the clearer the readings, the clearer the understanding, at least for me when it comes to technology. Thanks for posting the websites!

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