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Trent: Fun Way to Educate, Educators, Thanks for sharing Paul

30 Oct

Thanks to Paul for sharing this website off his blog.  Everyone check it out, especially K-12 Educators!

Wavelength is an award-winning ensemble of actors and educators dedicated to using humor and improvisation to create theatrical keynote performances for professional staff development training for educators. Founded in 1980 by a former high school English teacher, Wavelength has created memorable, transformative professional development training for over 30 years.
Wavelength offers live comedic keynote presentations addressing key issues in education. Wavelength has presented to 1.5 million educators in more than 2,500 school systems in 49 of the 50 states.

Trent: Siemens and Connectivism

30 Oct

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This video is rather lengthy, but it gave me a better understanding that Connective learning is completely directed and up to the learner to control.  It was neat to listen to Siemens himself talk about an actual coarse that he is directing and how Connectivism ties into the learning process. 

This week I also learned after critiquing my peers Strategy Application and after receiving my own critiques, that more that one Instructional or Pedagogical approach is needed.  I will now utilize the Instructivist, Constructive, and Connectivist approaches to guide my learners from Action to Activity to my eventual Learning Goal, of having 4-H Agents develop their own PLE, enabling them to do their jobs more efficiently. 



Connectivism Video

24 Oct

Thanks to Dr. Larson to sharing this video on Connectivism.  It gave me a very good review and more information about connectivism.  Allowed me to better understand the perspective of Connectivists!

K-12 Education Group Action Map

24 Oct

K-12 group first attempt at group action map.

Action Mapping Example of Instructional Design

24 Oct

As a visual learner, this makes much more sense to me now! 


Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner

22 Oct

A great video from the MacArthur Foundation stating the “Rethinking of Learning” in the 21st Century.  This is definitely the case, and shows the shift from Behavioral or Cognitive learning to more prodominant Constructivist and Connectivist styles of learning.

PLE created by a 7th grader.

22 Oct

Check out this PLE created by a 7th grader, using Symbaloo.  It blew my mind that a middle school student created a PLE, and definitely was succeding in learning with it.  Awesome!